Who We Are

“When others say it can’t be done, we prove otherwise.”

Founder and Veteran with over 25 years experience across tactical, operational, strategic, and national levels of government. Served as an enlisted U.S. Army Ranger (1/75 Ranger Bn.) and as a Military Intelligence Officer, as well as a Senior Defense RDT&E Program Manager / Supervisory Intelligence Specialist Government Civilian under the Office of the Under Secretary for Defense – Intelligence (OUSD-I) for Technical Collection and Analysis Directorate (TCAD) managing specialized programs. Experienced in all levels of the Intelligence, Technical Collection, Exploitation, and Operations support, and management of special research and development programs. Masters Degree in U.S. Foreign Policy with a concentration in Counterterrorism from American University’s School of International Service (SIS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Joe Liberatore

CEO and Founder

“Having the freedom to fail leads to innovation success.”

Retired Master Sergeant (E-8) who served 20 years in the United States Army (15 of those years in the Special Operations community) gaining knowledge and experience in information technology, secure communications planning and employment, intelligence collection support, technical collection, technology Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E), requirements analysis, and program management.

Allan Smith

Chief Services Officer and Co-Owner

“The solution is often already available if you know where to look and how to apply it.”

Technical executive with 25 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist in the Government and Commercial sector pushing technology boundaries to solve unique problems. Shawn has worked across industry and the Government Contracting (GOVCON) landscape throughout this career. Supports the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense (DoD) in solving their most perplexing problems. There is always a technical approach to achieving the result.

Shawn Masters


“The whole world is a drop zone, and everything is within walking distance”

Veteran with 30+ years of various DOD experience finding creative solutions for hard problems. Literally the guy that asks “what happens if I push this button?”, as he pushes the button. Kenn retired as a Master Sergeant (MSG) Green Beret from the US Army’s Special Operations community, having deployed throughout the world in support of the US National objectives and missions where failure is just not an option.

Kenn Burnett

VP of Innovation

“Every individual in a company has value and a purpose; however, not every company truly values its individuals with a unique purpose.”

Veteran Army Military Intelligence Officer and former television news journalist with Masters Degrees in both Communication and Human Relations, Nina currently serves as VP of Administration at AELIUS, which aligns with her passion to always strive to help and serve others. Nina oversees all daily administrative operations to include human resource management, employee benefits, financial management, and overall company practices while ensuring the operational and organizational climate that best supports both the employees and its stakeholders.

Nina is based in NC and resides there with her husband Joe and two teenage children along with their pack of rescue animals which includes 4 dogs and the newest addition – two kittens.

Nina Liberatore

VP of Business Administration

“There are those that drive the train and those that ride the train, which one are you?”

Retired Sergeant Major (SGM) having served over 24 years in the Special Operations community learning and honing how to manage time, priorities, and talent while operating in a dynamic no fail environment. Over the past 20+ years and thousands of direct action combat operations across the globe, Chuck is an expert at achieving the next task and accomplishing any mission. These hard learned lessons have helped Chuck to understand that the moment you accept the status quo you have lost.

Chuck Shannon

VP of SOF Operations


Offices in Fort Bragg NC Area

Southern Pines, NC and Spring Lake, NC

Offices in Vienna, VA

Remote support in
Colorado, Kentucky,
South Carolina,
and Florida

Board Members


  • Joe Liberatore
  • Allan Smith
  • Shawn Masters


  • Guy Filippelli
  • Matt Hallam
  • Nick Hallam

Secretary and General Counsel

  • Brett Antonides