Focus and Specialties

Secure Architectures
and Devices

Our team of professionals has advanced expertise in unified security solutions ranging from small point to point communications to complex secure networks. We focus on providing specialized design and integration services that incorporate the protection of high value systems and information. We accomplish this by customizing network architectures to fit the target. This includes incorporating physical and logical network environments across multiple platforms.

AELIUS engineers’ support and design skills are device agnostic and provide a seamless, customized experience based on requirements. Our diverse background enables the team to rapidly determine the best device solution to support the requirements. If there isn’t a device available to meet the requirements, our team has the ability, based on requirements, to engineer specialized devices within our lab environment. Our skills cover LAN, WAN, cellular, satellite, IoT, sensors, and computing devices across platforms or within standalone environments around the world.

Professional Services
and Subject Matter Expertise

AELIUS’ professional services are intrinsically tied to our core as a company. Our SMEs and engineers utilize their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to provide a wide array of technical solutions.

Our approach to this is a user-defined developmental process to satisfy unique customer requirements under complex conditions, to achieve time-sensitive, mission-driven objectives. Using this methodology in a cross-functional team, working as closely as possible with the end user, allows AELIUS to effectively and rapidly leverage our collective knowledge base to ensure customer satisfaction and mission success.

AELIUS has an unwavering commitment to provide world-class professional services to our brethren in Special Operations, the Intelligence professions, and law enforcement. Every day, we bring our best efforts and abilities to bear for these communities to not only protect their operations but also to ensure the survivability of their personnel.

Advanced Technology
Integration and Insertion

AELIUS’ cross-functional team leverages past experience in engineering, computer science, machine learning, autonomy, and 3D visualization to rapidly identify off-the-shelf solutions combined with past technical development and performance to target and resolve the technical endstate. The team continues to directly involve the operator during each phase of the development resulting in a rapid iteration over minimal viable product (MVP) solutions that increasingly meet user needs and can be transitioned to other industry partners.

This process allows the team to go from concept to prototype at the speed of combat, resulting in viable government-owned solutions in days – not months or years.

Cyber Security
and Training

AELIUS’s staff includes known experts in the computer security and digital forensics fields. We have been actively involved with anonymity communities and have assisted organizations that use these technologies for both online anonymity and adversarial identification. Our background spans the entire network architecture, from application security to networking, and includes human biometrics and profiling.

We have developed multiple courses that teach users about their cyber presence in the online and real world. One of them, Cyber Security Awareness (CSA), teaches analysts how to be anonymous online and how to breach online anonymity. This hands-on course demonstrates the different ways of covering your online digital trail and explores techniques that are used for following people who do not want to be tracked. CSA is a flexible course and can be tuned to your specific organization’s needs.

Research and

AELIUS is a trusted partner for conducting Research and Development for our clients. Ranging from big data down to the smallest low power processors, or the latest in application of advanced manufacturing, AELIUS specializes in bringing cutting edge computer science and engineering R&D concepts through prototypes to practical applications.

For new external capabilities, AELIUS brings years of unique experience in finding, evaluating and onboarding new technologies into existing enterprises. When a startup or lab concept is not able to bridge the contracting, legal, or manufacturing gap into integration with larger efforts, AELIUS can step in as a guide and protector of the nascent efforts until they reach fruition.

Engineering Development
and Design

The AELIUS team of diverse engineers and industrial designers start with the end-use customer in mind. We research the problem and work with the end user to create a problem statement. The problem statement guides the project’s timeline to manage expectations for a successful implementation of the solution.

Talking to the end user, the team creates custom solutions utilizing digital sketches and descriptions of potential design aspects. AELIUS then uses a diverse collection of CAD packages to build models for use in FEA and other analytic approaches. Finally all of this is combined in a hands-on or VR model so the end user can examine the use and give feedback to improve the next iteration.

Innovative Solutions

AELIUS’s team of experts approaches problem solving from far outside normal use practices. Our solutions focus on what is available and what the customer’s challenges are.

Our team pushes the industry boundaries by identifying unique ways to use novel, existing, or even previously thought of as out-dated technologies to get the job done in the most efficient manner. The AELIUS team has implemented IoT sensors with technology as diverse as LiDAR and Raspi based Cameras. By combining these together, projects like unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) can determine the safest routes for underground workers.

Computer Science
and Data Analysis

AELIUS’s team of expert computer scientists solves problems ranging from secure network design and implementation to the creation and deployment of spatially-aware, small form-factor, remotely-piloted vehicles. We take on the most challenging problems and help craft elegant and meaningful solutions.

Our data science professionals employ leading-edge techniques to transform and manipulate data, often billions of records per day, for a better understanding of its implications and to create actionable knowledge.


We’re partnered with some of the best innovative companies and consultants across the industry to deliver the latest, most advanced technologies. With these highly respected and agile service providers, AELIUS works to support the nation’s security and our forces worldwide.